Timber Terrazzo

Introducing another transformative twist on terrazzo taking timber trash and twisting it into tabletops and tiles. Foresso is a new composite material combining offcuts and sawdust from British manufacturing with a 0% VOC resin cast to produce a sustainable and durable surface material with 78kg of CO² stored in every sheet.

Azure Mono
recycled wood terrazzo foresso
Bianco Mono

Each slab is finished by hand and sealed with a food safe hardwax oil for use in all indoor surface applications. Their commitment to sustainability is not only evidenced in the 85% recycled material content of their product, but also by their approach to manufacturing processes and the longevity of their surfaces.

recycled wood terrazzo foresso
Bianco Mono

Only timber that is unusable due to splits or knotts is utilised in production, and relationships with local sawmills have been built to make used of each felled tree. The Bronze foundry next to Foresso has also been included in the supply chain, providing plaster waste to be utilised in the binder. The finished products can also be returned to the manufacturer to be reused in future batches.

Charcoal Mono
recycled wood terrazzo foresso
Ivory Duo

The company’s first range of surfaces “The London Collection” showcases the wood grains of oak, walnut, London plane, and cedar alongside colours chosen to represent London neighborhoods. Classic white, black, and ivory feature, celebrating Holland park, Victorian terraces, Soho, and Bond Street whilst the lively blue of Azure Mono catches the playfulness of the West End.

recycled wood terrazzo foresso
Azure Mono

The finished sheets come 2,440mm long by 1,220mm wide by 24mm thick. They are composed of 6mm Foresso top layer with 18mm FSC Birch plywood substrate and can be cut to shape for use on flooring, walls, and worktops. The material can also be resanded and oiled to remove scratches.


A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, March 2020.

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