Mosaic meets Myth, Math & Magic

Demonstrating the versatility and expression that mosaic affords, US-based artist Benjamin Lowder takes reclaimed wood and metal and transforms them into unique mosaic artworks. Making use of the colour, shapes, and wear from metal signage, Lowder creates intricate patterns, beautifully combined with cut wood. The most common shape throughout his artworks is the triangle, chosen and placed specifically to demonstrate “the proportions and patterns of … Continue reading Mosaic meets Myth, Math & Magic

Seven sustainble surface solutions

We’re all about the weird and wonderful here at Tile Addict, in fact we’ve got a whole section dedicated to the fantastical things the creatives of the world do with tile. But there are some items far beyond the reach of the aesthetic that deserve praise all on their own for pioneering change in the building industry. So we’ve gathered seven incredible creations that mark … Continue reading Seven sustainble surface solutions

Curly Marble

A curly marble creation from designer Tom Dixon is a material with a twist. This material is designed to look like marbled paper but functions as a something significantly more robust. Recycled marble powder mixed with resin and pigment creates the unique look and forms a material that can be cut and shaped to create a range of interior items. Starting with a variety of … Continue reading Curly Marble

Timber Terrazzo

Introducing another transformative twist on terrazzo taking timber trash and twisting it into tabletops and tiles. Foresso is a new composite material combining offcuts and sawdust from British manufacturing with a 0% VOC resin cast to produce a sustainable and durable surface material with 78kg of CO² stored in every sheet. Each slab is finished by hand and sealed with a food safe hardwax oil … Continue reading Timber Terrazzo