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Here at Tile Addict we have a slight obsession with cogobós and Italian brand Mutina is doing a fine job of supplying these ceramic screens to the European market. Notably our last article on the subject covered the gorgeous Celosia, designed by another Tile Addict favourite, Patricia Urquiola.

But now it is a separate cogobó collab that we have to share. Nathalie du Pasquier‘s Brac collection is perhaps more than a cogobó, designed to be much more than a perforated brick. These 130 by 220 by 100mm bricks are created out of extruded terracotta and feature the classic warm orange as well as four glazed colours – Bianco, Salvia, Marrone, and Nero.

With the ability to be installed both vertically and horizontally creating a unique sun screen, wall decor, wind shield, and more. The shape allows for a variety of patterns to be created, and mixed and matched with the colour options.

The collection is wonderfully simple, and applicable in both residential and commercial areas. The decor it offers can be as subtle or bold as one chooses, whilst the erforated surface ensures variable amounts of light can be let through. Brac acts as a continuation of the MUT 4 installation BRIC. The exhibition was opened in September of last year.

Nathalie du Pasquier

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