Bright in Binghamton

Design studio specialising in tiles that delight, Susan Jablon, is responsible for a few fantastically joyful installations throughout Binghamton, New York. Founded in 2000, the company creates tiles for both residential and commercial customers, focusing on colour and motif to ensure consistent and personal style, as well as lending its talents to public art.

Susan and her daughter, Emily, have worked on several community service projects, most notably The Binghamton Restoration project intended to add a new lease of life to the downtown area, a unique opportunity to elevate their hometown.

Throughout Binghamton these colourful glass tile sculptures can be found brightening up public spaces throughout the city with examples including the cheerful sunflower mosaic in Sunflower Park, and the vibrant To Hope and Joy designed by artist Samuel Jablon, and created by Emily Jablon, Susan Jablon and friends.

As a design company, Susan Jablon offers custom designs handmade in the USA. Susan developed a ‘Custom Mosaic Designer‘ software which enables customers to create their own mosaic style with the 1000s of tiles and 50+ layouts that can be found on the online tool.

Susan Jablon

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