Muddy Charm

An unusual material inspired this tile collection for Peronda. Heading back to humanity’s construction roots, designer Francisco Segarra brings mud back to the forefront of modern interiors.

Playing with the multitude of shades and relief that can be achieved with the use of mud, Segarra’s Mud invites imperfection to become decorative. Warm, nutty, earthy tones and textures mix and mingle amongst the four colours – sand, cocoa, white, and silver – forming an organic canvas.

Random mixtures of the 18 different brick shapes and 35 different patterns create a large amount of variety amongst the 200 by 400mm tiles. The result is a natural patchwork either embracing the muddy tones, or highlighting texture in the vague neutrals of silver and white.

We’ve covered many of Segarra’s incredible ranges for Peronda, including FS Casale, FS Venice, FS Briati, and FS Raku, and there are many more just waiting for us to enjoy!

Francisco Segarra

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, February 2021.

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