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Tile Trends 2021

It’s been reasonably hard to explore the vastness of the tile world and select the stand-out trends, and we’ve really missed collecting our ‘curiosities‘ at Cersaie and Cevisama, but really the next best thing is to see what tile giants like Ceramics of Italy have found to be trending. So that’s exactly what we’ve done.


The rich comfort of all things autumnal was seen in our ‘Trendy Tones for 2021‘ with the important inclusion of burgundy and wine colours, as well as warm neutrals and deep olive greens. But the Autumnal trend goes further than simple colour, inviting seasonal motifs to the party, and making a show of texture.


Continuing a theme that has been popular for a while, the Confetti trend absorbs all things speckled, including of course the classic terrazzo, but also its close relatives polka dots, randomly flecked designs, and a huge host of abstractly arranged shapes and pieces.


It’s highly appropriate for the 20s to feature a resurgence of Art Deco, and we definitely have. Although it was growing in popularity long before we actually reached the 20s thanks mostly to the release of The Great Gatsby in 2013, but also thanks to the transformational qualities of Art Deco’s iconic shapes. In tile we’ve seen an increase in scallops and bold geometric shapes, as well as large amounts of marble contrasted in intricate patterns.

High Gloss

The clean sheen of high gloss is perfect for the mood we’re in. Not only does high gloss offer sterility, but its reflective nature allows light to bounce around, extending spaces and brightening interiors. There’s a definitive elegance that goes alongside a glossy finish, so for those looking for the wow-factor, high-gloss can definitely deliver.


The relaxing nature of blue mixed with the refreshing tones of green makes bluegreen a perfect shade for our times. Not only does it offer an air of tranquility and optimism, it reminds us of the places we wish we could go to, with their stunning seas, warmth and richness.


Bringing industrial chic to the party is this ancient material. A classic staple for construction that has recently been greatly admired for its aesthetic merits, concrete offers strength and simplicity, with a dappled, intriguing texture that adds depth and character to spaces.

Ceramics of Italy

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