Shatters’ Street Art

A reasonably difficult artist to find any information about, Shatters is new on our radar. Despite having been creating awesome bits of street art for at least six years, his work is mostly installed in his local area of Montmartre, Paris.

Photo credit: @glendacast (Instagram)
Photo credit: @carlitolz (Instagram)

Taking his name from the medium with which he creates – broken fragments of glass and mirrors – Shatters pieces together found specks and chips to produce fantastically surprising mosaics, some with a 3D twist, and others dotted amongst work from other street artists.

Photo credit: junk-yard (urbancolors)
Photo credit: @loeksi (Instagram)

Although Shatters’ online presence has been reasonably minimal in the last few years, I’m sure a trip around Montmartre, Paris is likely to uncover some of his gems, as well as works from the many artists that decorate the streets.

Photo credit: @melanos.d (Instagram)


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