Tajimi Custom Tiles

Tajimi Custom Tiles seeks to put creativity and tile design into its customers’ hands. Displaying some of their incredible pieces with a huge variety of effects, colours, and shapes Tajimi shows just a little of what they are capable of.

Tajimi is named after the centre of the Japanese tile industry, Tajimi City. With that they offer traditional craftsmanship, honed over centuries. Made in Japan, Tajimi’s tiles are produced with a range of unique techniques, including glazing and firing methods, resulting in a highly distinctive look.

These bespoke tile creations are mostly characterised by their artisanal appearance, with warmth, tradition, and a personal touch offered throughout. To ensure they produce exactly what their clients are looking for, they combine in-depth consultations with a straighforward process. For a truly unique experience, small batch tiles are created for a worldwide market, allowing you to obtain something entirely yours.

Raw materials, expert craftsmanship, personal design, unique techniques, and bespoke intricacies make Tajimi tiles an incredible addition to our tile company list. Read more about their story here.

Tajimi Custom Tiles

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