wet system wall paper cersaie 2019 wall and deco

Cersaie Curiosities IV

Tile Addict isn’t done with the wonderful Cersaie discoveries just yet, there is still plenty to come! Wall&Decò‘s textured and colourful designs drew us in, especially the art deco crossover feel of Cabinet de Curiosite, but it was the unique features of their range that are most worth a mention. Their Wet System is a patented coating technology that enables warterproofing and protection for humid areas, making it ideal for bathroom interiors. The designs are unique and varied, offering personality far from the norm, and the textured effects add a layer of luxury and richness.

wet system wall paper cersaie 2019 wall and deco
Wall&Deco Wet System Tuning
wet system wall paper cersaie 2019 wall and deco
Wall&Deco Wet System Cabinet de curiosité

Ceramica Sant’Agostino offered a unique take on terrazzo with Inside Art – combining large pieces of bold blue marble/resin-look with a crisp clear white for a powerful visual impact. These porcelain tiles took inspiration from resin flooring placed alongside solid colour, giving both a clean cut and organic appearance. They are available in four tones (White, Pearl, Grey, and Ash), three surfaces (Natural, Krystal, and Soft), and five formats (1,200 by 1,200mm, 900 by 900mm, 890 by 890mm, 600 by 600mm, and 300 by 600mm).

Inside Art

The 41zero42 stand was full of exciting things to see, the most abstract of which was Pack. This collection is an intriguing enigmatic range of tiles which could easily be mistaken for a range of punctuation marks, or for a selection of stylised cracks and chips. It is a fun, quirky range that breaks up the monotony of plain white tiles and is something to puzzle over. Designed to investigate colour combinations, the range of five options (White-Cream, White-Black, Ice-Green, Grey-Rust, and Graphite-Black) enable their decor elements (inspired by fragmented polar ice sheets) to have a variety of personalities.

41zero42 pack tile collection cersaie 2019
Pack Grey (150x150mm)
Pack Ice Green (150x150mm)

Spanish company Adex are known for their work with the tiles designs of the great Salvador Dali. Although nothing new (the exclusive collection was first released in the 1950s), they are still a notable ceramic treasure. These six designs feature images identifiably Dali, including a range of abstract imagery of humans, birds, and instruments, as well as the classic starfish, sun, and arrows.

Salvador Dali Adex Cersaie 2019
Dali Tiles from Adex

Ceramica Sant’Agostino

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