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Cevisama Curiosities VI

Our last collection of curiosities are some of our favourite finds from the show. We’ve been waiting to share these eye-catching geometric reliefs, intricate mix-and-match, and fantastical displays for a month. First up is Nexo‘s Decorative Mix. These 330 by 330mm tiles take the mix-and-match trend to the next level, creating patterns within patterns and tiles within tiles. The result is an enormously impactful feature which can play with one’s eye, picking out the mini-patterns mixed alongside the larger format patterns. It’s both fun and classic, and a really lovely thing to stumble upon.

Itaca‘s Bently creates a similarly powerful feature. These modern 3D relief tiles with an asymmetrical geometric design bring together bright yellow and red with white and bronze. The solid colours are offered plain or with black detail outlines that create a harsh visual, whilst the tiles without have a softer looking relief. The two options can be combined for a highly artistic design.

Bently Red HL from Itaca
Bently White and White HL from Itaca tile trend 2020
Bently White and White HL from Itaca

Peronda Group Harmony presented Tonal by Raw Color which is a new take on an old design. This single 200 by 200mm format tile is offered in three colours – White, Sage, and Aubergine, and three models which can be mixed and interchanged to create unique patterns.

Finally, a display that was full of fun. Da Vinci caught our eye, and presumably the eye of many, at Cevisama with their playful iconic cinematic-inspired tiles. Their display of Star Wars style tiles featured not only a fun tiled Yoda and Starkiller, but metallic-look tiles with red and green patterns in curious alien and futuristic shapes. Indiana Jones was given similar treatment with the same tiles in an earthy beige colour. They also paid homage to Kill Bill with a large tiled Beatrix Kiddo (Black Mamba) and a vibrant yellow display.


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