Max Design with MaxFine

Last year FMG released their highly versatile, large format tile collection MaxFine. Utilising natures greatest techniques of high pressure and higher heat, their surfaces are all but indistinguisable from the real thing.


With MaxFine, the significance of imitation stone is highlighted. The strong, large format slabs are designed to be just 6mm thick, creating a lightweight solution to interior uses of all kinds.

Aosta Green Marble

Made from porcelain, FMG’s MaxFine slabs are specifically fabricated for use in a number of furnishings, storage, and architectural elements, as well as for floors and walls. The exaggerated size ensures seamless design and cohesion throughout spaces whilst blurring the line between architecture and interior design.

Venice Ivory

The enormous range which spans 87 different colours and visuals covers the best in natural stone, as well as offering a simple black and white classic with Chromocode3D MaxFine. Twelve subcategories divide the pieces into their relevant imitation groups including Travertino (a travertine imitation), Marmi (a stunning range of marble looks), and Agata (a mystical puzzle of gemstone cross sections).

Hymalayan Artic

Also included are the new Hymalayan Stones, a selection of four surfaces inspired by the textures and crystals of salt, new H270, a mix of dramatic natural stones and classic Venetian terrazzo, and Iron, a collection of rough, brushed metal-looks.


FMG’s MaxFine slabs are crafted to be resistant to scratches, staining, UV rays, heat and fire, as well as mould repellent. As always with imitation stone, these porcelain surfaces are low maintenance, easy to clean, and extremely durable.


A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, June 2021.

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