Spanish company Tilovely has brought the colourful personality of Valeria Palmeiro to the world of ceramics. Palmeiro, better known as Coco Dávez, combines the vividness of Andy Warhol with the minimalism of Julian Opie to create a series of ‘faceless’ figures, most of which are immediately recognisable.

For Tilovely, the design selected to be transformed into a hydraulic masterpiece was a painting of Spanish Romani flamenco singer José Monje Cruz (otherwise known as Camarón de la Isla). The bearded figure in red and blue makes for a highly unsual piece of surface decor, but one spectacularly suited to fans of Pop Art, Dávez, Camarón, or even unique decor.

As for the rest of the company’s collections, a large number of beautiful cement tiles are on offer including border pieces, plain colours, geometric designs, and usual motifs. Demonstrating the versatility of cement tiles, Tilovely also offers decorated benches, large planters, small plant pots, garden furniture, and ‘Japanese step’ stepping stones.


A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, July 2021.

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