We have another Invader-esque street artist to share today. From Orléans, vigilante mosaic creator MifaMosa developed both his style and subject manner to brighten and enliven the daily life of his grandmother who was unwell.

Rue des Balais, Tours
Rue d’Éqypte, Ouzouer-sur-Trézée

Seeking to remain anonymous, his name also honours the inspiration behind his art, combining Mifa (family) and Mosa (mosaic). Although started in Orléans, MifaMosa has also hit Paris, Avignon, Lyon, Lille, urban-art-rich Montpellier, and even into Brussels. Decorating street signs with relevant and/or punny illustrations he adds a touch of whimsy to the everyday.

Rue du Petit Cupidon, Tours
Rue du Pélican, Brussels

The first piece was installed in 2017 in his local area, and now a few years later their number is over 170, travelling to various cities and finding inspiration in street names. Each piece is finished with MifaMosa’s signature, three dots symbolising his mother, his sister, and himself.

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Read more about the artist here (in French)

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