Elegant Exit

Following on from FUGA, Studio Irvine offers another curious combination of fluidity and rigidity. Blending the two, the designers create a surface that can adapt to any location with a look that is not quite tile, but not quite anything else.

Exit’s modular system is comprised of pointed arrow forms in either yellow, red, or grey terracotta. Between each of these elements sits the raw earth dough TerraTon, the colour of which is dependent on nature’s whims, rather than specified pigment.

A fantastically beautiful finish celebrates each element uniquely, with the elegance of the terracotta softened and decorated with the tones of natural clay. Creating unique floors and walls, Exit’s versatility and use of varied materials (including cork and wood alongside terracotta) helps it stand out in its innovation and charm.

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Studio Irvine
Matteo Brioni

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, September 2021.

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