Renwick Tiles

Craig Renwick’s love for pottery moved him all the way from South Africa to England where his talents grew and multiplied. With a bunch of new skills and a continued passion for pottery, he returned to his homeland. Then in 2007 a simple request helped pave the way for a new life chapter.

Craig’s aunt asked if he would be able to make her some tiles for her kitchen nook and not long after, in 2008, Renwick Handcrafted Tiles became a reality. Ten years later Craig and Ruth Renwick made the move to America, choosing to sell the business to be close to family.

Retaining the rights to the company name in America, they set up shop in Dana Point, California. Three years on they’re still delivering 100% made in America tiles, demonstrating skill in a large variety of styles an designs.

Shapes and shades of all kinds, textured motifs, hand painted decor, 3D reliefs, and plain, colourful subways all feature in their collections, with promise to expand and create with abandon in the future.

Renwick Tiles

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