Bathroom trends 2022 according to the internet

We love trend predictions. Whether they come true or not, it’s an excuse to see what’s out there, what people are loving, and what they might be loving in a few months time. With so much to see we thought we’d break it down room by room, sharing what the experts say about the year to come.

First up it’s bathrooms – a space no longer ignored but instead treated as the oasis it deserves to be.

1. Showers they are a’changin’

Almost everyone is in agreement that the shower needs a revamp, and they’re set to take centre stage in 2022. Whether you’re adding twin shower heads, creating a stylish wetroom, putting a bath inside a walk-in shower, or simply mixing up your shower storage, the bottom line is -showers are going to get better.

2. Not just big in Japan

Wood and natural elements are increasingly popular throughout the home, and the bathroom is no different. Specifying a Japandi-style inclusion of natural materials, the experts predict this calming trend will be a big hit. Add a wooden bench as shower storage, utilise slats as calming, functional decor, or lay a light toned wood-effect tile.

3. Being the outdoor type

Along with the inclusion of natural elements comes the blending of outdoor and indoor spaces. Whether this is through a large, bravely placed window, a potted plant (or 3 or 20), or organic materials like slate and terracotta, the bathroom is no longer set to be isolated.

4. Make it the blue room

Blue is a classic choice, especially for a bathroom. Perfectly matching with woods for coastal vibes and tranquility, it’s no suprise it’s been predicted to be a goer for 2022 toilets. Deep blues create a luxurious space whilst powder blues offer an airy lightness. Whatever the shade, the timelessness of blue ensures the style stays strong for years.

5. The impression that you’ll get

Statements aren’t just for the shower, even the smallest of downstairs bathrooms are being given the facelift of a lifetime. Bright, playful wallpaper, high-impact tiling, and an unabashed use of colour are all encouraged. Give these oft-neglected rooms a little life and make them a place you’re no longer ashamed to let guests use.

6. Investing in the sink

Awsome companies such as Kast Concrete Basins, Formed Concrete Basins, and the London Basin Company have shown just how incredibly beautiful sinks can be. And people are taking note. Although these stylish, unique, and often hand-crafted pieces can come with a hefty price tag they’re still helping drive the change towards more considered sinks with free-standing basins and voguish vanities among the most popular.

Honourable mentions

Some smaller trends we’ve yet to mention include the rough yet polished nature of industrial design, the slightly dangerous sounding lean towards adding technology to the toilet, and a belief in green being the bathroom’s strongest contender for colour.

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