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Cyberspace Curiosities VI

For the sixth time this year we’re bringing you a small collection of ceramic curiousities we’ve found online.

1) Cement Pattern 01z

This curiously covid-shaped pattern from Best Tile has some seriously funky vibes. These handmade cement tiles offer a touch of colourful vibrancy with a motif to spark conversation.

2) Ghenos Tiles

When searching for the artist behind the tiles in a home we visited a few months ago, we stumbled across these rich blue and mustard Sicilian tiles by Ghenos on Thats Arte. These traditional sea-side scenes are beyond charming and spark incredible joy.

3) Brazilian Agata

In Blu and Verde, Bisazza‘s Agata tiles offer up a stylised agate cross section. Designed by Fernando and Humberto Campana, the ripples and rings of the formation create an unsual pattern that blends nature’s imperfections with Pop Art effects.

4) Petali

These textured treats designed by Angelo Spagnolo for Botteganove reimagine the pentagon in a series of curved, semi-organic shapes. Three dimensional effects are created through the use of wet moulding, with incredible impact achieved when used en masse.

5) Fleurs

Inspired by Giacomo Ballaโ€™s origami style Futurist Flowers, Ceramica Bardelli‘s Fleurs collection offers us abstract shapes, intriguing turns, and fabulous colour combos.

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