Toon Town Terrazzo

The first trend spotted amongst the countless stands at Cevisama was terrazzo twisted toon-style. Some more daring than others, some more colourful, some dainty, some bold, but all of them with a little softness that led me to the name Toon Town Terrazzo. These playful designs offer up the same randomised aesthetic as classic terrazzo but just makes it a little more… fun.

Perhaps the best examples of the cartoonish essence this Toon Town Terrazzo trend exudes is Mayolica‘s Next collection, in particular Next Mix (a party of primary colours) and Next Salmon (an earthy mix of muted pinks and reds). These hexagonal tiles display their colour palettes on a dappled white and grey base, adding a little texture and smoothness to the design.

Creating toon-like terrazzo with a more pared-back choice of colours was Ribesalbes with terrazzo-effect tiles in a soft pink and sophisticated teal. Marble-effect chips in white, black, and peach offer up contrast both tonally and texturally for a cartoon terrazzo with heaps of class. The Terrazzo collection also includes three patterned geometric decors.

Adding some more patterns to the mix is the Santa Monica collection from Keros. A baby blue, pale grey, and black windmill motif and an elegant fleur de lis in pink and shades of grey keep the toonish terrazzo theme going with their white fleck scattered surfaces.

The Confeti collection from Realonda has a little more of a paint-chip thing going on, with scattered specks in a random assortment of colours decorating large hexagonal tiles. For Confeti Grey the shades are all neutral with large and small flecks social distancing in varying amounts.

Though admittedly an unusual addition to this collection, Mariner‘s Klimt tiles featured a little section that has somewhat of the same vibe as Toon Town Terrazzo. Rather than marble chips or flecks, Klimt features loosely Klimt-esque imperfect squares, rectangles, circles, and semicircles over an irregular background. Keeping things classic, however, is Itaca‘s CV Classic Chips with large decorative chunks in varying colours and textures that have just a little something of the toon about them.

We have many more examples of these cartoonish terrazzo tiles, but we’ll finish off with two offerings from Da Vinci – Ducal and Color Ducal. Despite their similar names they each possess entirely unique personalities, with large dramatic chips in rich colours from square format Ducal and soft, dainty tones and neutrals in the elongated Color Ducal. But the softness of the chips in both make them perfect Toon Town Terrazzo candidates, creating playful spaces full of fun.

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