Entering the world of tiles through a psychedelic wormhole is the swirling, dramatic shapes of Intergalactica. What started out as a purely otherworldly onyx fantasy morphed into a broader trend encompassing water-marbling, metallic details, altered stone, and vivid colours, giving us a dynamic selection of intriguing tiles. And here they are.

Bien‘s Hypnos tiles keep the colours simple with shades of blue, pops of gold, and various neutrals, all of which flow organically across the surface creating a sense of movement. Clearly showing their onyx-inspired origins, Hypnos adds an extra level of fluidity that guides the eye and transports you to another dimension.

Da Vinci‘s smaller format Ziba range features a variety of colour combos, adding a touch of gold and contrasting glazes where shades meet or ridges form. A diverse set of faces mix and match together to create a dynamic look that makes the most of the collections distinct patterns and relief.

One of my favourite iterations of the Intergalactica trend is another of Da Vinci’s collections – Sideral. Presented amongst the colourful Gamma range, Sideral’s fabulous purples, blues, and sunny shades immediately grabbed my attention. The glittering gold ridges and glistening speckles create an ethereally beautiful product full of intergalactic charm.

This hypnotic trend continues with Mykonos‘ hexagonal Samarcanda range. These water-marble effect tiles were presented in a variety of colourways, with the green combo and mystical peach standing out as the most otherworldly of the lot.

These two stone-inspired designs from LV Granito highlight the thin line between natural stone and cosmic creation. The blood-red veins of Quartzite Michelangelo add an intensity to more muted tones of the stone whilst pockets on gold in Invisible add glamour amongst the organic.

I saw this collection back in 2020 where it appeared in the first selection of Cevisama Curiosities, but as it was also at Cevisama ’23 I thought it only right to include it amongst it’s very own intergalactic family. Apavisa‘s Fluid displays vibrant shades of red that contrast with earthy blues and clear white in a swirling water-marbled delight that inspires and enthrals.

There are countless other Intergalactica collections from Cevisama that I haven’t included in this list, but with so many more trends and curiosities to cover, I’ll finish off with these pieces from Codicer95. Selleny Blue and Selleny Salmon offer up a monotone take on the trend, with simple shade variations swirling together across their hexagonal surface.

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, March 2023.

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