Cyberspace Curiosities XII

1) Elements

Giving shimmering seas and cloudy, Elements 1 Nuvole Elements 2 Acqua designed by Seletti for Ceramica Bardelli create a designer dreamscape to tantalise and excite.

2) Mosaic Tiles Glass Button Petrol

Transform you swimming pool, kitchen, or bathroom with these mystical glass mosaics from Mosafil. In shades of gold, bronze, and aqua, these stunning circles glisten with iridescence, with subtle ridges adding a touch of texture.

3) Cementine Cocci

Designed by Silvia Stanzani for Ceramica Fioranese, Cementine Cocci are patchwork decors made up of worn fragments. In four colourways (Colors, Ocra, Blu, and B&W), these charming designs are a marvellous mosaic/terrazzo mashup.

4) Moire

The rippled illusion moire is represented in four colours (Blue & Deep Green, Camel & Blue, Green & Pink, and Stone & Blue) in this collection designed by 2LG Studio for Maitland & Poate.

5) In The Prism

One of the six designs from Daren Magee (aka Real Fun, Wow!) for Haustile, In The Prism represents “the space between imagination and reality” with a finely striped frame, a rainbow gradient, and a pale pink dot.

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