Wood-looks at Cersaie

The wood-effects at Cersaie went way beyond the slats with lots of inlaid looks and material combinations to enjoy, varying texture for a realistic finish or encouraging illusion with contrast.

Codicer95‘s Flower Loire and Stella Maine tiles, both in Silver and Noce offer an delightfully intricate combination of wood and marble in simple yet decorative repeat motifs featuring floral and starry imagery.

Colorker‘s Ragnar tiles create an inlaid wood-look within a cement effect, complete with softly ridged organic texture. Matchstick-like details form ordered, stacked rows, a multi-tonal pattern, and a randomised staggered design for Stick and Tapies whilst Leia Pearl is decorated with scattered curvaceous leaf forms.

Ceramica Rondine‘s Cortina and Monopole‘s Sacramento both offer a unique flavour to the inlaid wood-looks, including real grout lines for added dimension and unusual formats for individual design.

Prissmacer‘s wood-look duo Nantes and Ess Wall Mix each display textured design in two distinct designs. Nantes’ randomised shapes are all decorated with 3D bars of raised relief whilst Ess Wall Mix adds textures with alternating seams of different depths.

Offering up multi-tonal wood-looks, Azulev‘s Artwood Mix and Euro‘s Country Mix present grey-tones, dark wood, and honeyed shades in angular designs that make the most of the contrast.

Getting a touch of tropical design with your wood, Dado‘s Downtown Wood designs offered up the best of both worlds with a simple sketched motif and cool-toned wood.

Fabresa‘s Madeira in Castanho and Azul make decor out of the signature marks of processing wood. Kerf marks and signs of wear add to the realism and slightly scruffy look.

An unusual patchwork of oddly angled wood makes up FAP‘s Damier design. With grain flowing in alternate directions and varying tones, the look is hodgepodge but homey.

Somewhat similar to the Cersaie slat-look, Newker‘s Woodwork Decor Grey features the slim panels, but makes greater emphasis of a speckled terrazzo/ceppo style insert inlaid amongst the strips.

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