Baked Africa

Earthy shades and organic textures play together with sharp geometric lines for this intriguing collection from The Baked Tile Co. Dark slate, burnt orange terracotta, and a delicate off white create the trio of shades, each mixing and matching amongst each other to create the angular hexagonal patchwork of patterns that forms Africa. A hand-crafted, raw earth look is created with details that imitate scores … Continue reading Baked Africa


Brothers-in-law Giovanni and Fabio add a breath of fresh air to traditional Italian ceramics in their studio located in the idyllic Amalfi coast town of Vietri sul Mare. Beginning in 2000 with familiar local designs, their style morphed over time to create something new out of the materials and glazes they were familiar with. These new, decorative pieces, be they plates, coffee cups, vases or … Continue reading Sol’Art

Five perfectly pastel tiles

Searching for picture perfect pastel tiles? Right this way. 1) Confetti Designed by Oh Joy! for Clé Tiles, Confetti combines the soft tones of mocha, crema, ice, stone, powder, and white for a delicate polka dot display of pastels. 2) New Town Baby blues and pastel pinks decorate the textured curves and ridges of New Town by Adam Nathanial Furman for Botteganove. 3) Lozenge and … Continue reading Five perfectly pastel tiles

Craggy Chamotte

Chamotte, otherwise known as grog or firesand, is the name given to crushed ceramics used to strengthen clay mixtures and create a rugged, gritty texture. And thats exactly what Chamotte gives us. Designed by tile visionary Patricia Urquiola for Mutina, Chamotte places hand-made rustica front and centre with pits and ripples texturing the surface and catching the glossy glaze in irregular patterns. Three variants add … Continue reading Craggy Chamotte

Fading in time

The striking portraits of Clément Mitéran showcase the unique ability of mosaic to abstract the familiar and add layers to expression. His series of faces and figures feature ghostly, haunted forms, disappearing, faded, and obscured by stones, fragments, or omission, bringing to life his chosen emphasis on “consecration, damnation, anonymity, [and] iconophilia/iconoclasty.” Mitéran varies his methods from tesserae manipulation to photograph prints, honing his photography … Continue reading Fading in time

Interior Inspo: Contrast Kitchens

Dreaming of bold, bright, and beautiful, or a tale of two surfaces? Contrast kitchens offer endless joy, creating the perfect lively space to drink a morning coffee or cook your evening meal, so here’s a little inspo and the tiles to match! 1) Sky Blue and Tangerine Dream This counter to ceiling backsplash carves out a colourful kitchen corner with aqua kite tiles that pair … Continue reading Interior Inspo: Contrast Kitchens


We’ve spoken a lot about shells here, from mussel glass to eggshell surfaces, and from mother of pearl mosaics to scallop shell desks, and today we add another magnificent material to the mix – Istrenn. Developed by French company Malàkio, Istrenn is composed of 60% recycled shells (collected locally) and a 40% mineral matrix resulting in a stunningly unusual shell based terrazzo effect that features the many … Continue reading Shellazzo?

20 tiles to make your Barbie Dreamhouse a reality

The long anticipated Barbie hits our screens this month so we’ve decided to collect a few suitable tiles to celebrate. We’re also doing a ‘pink out’ all over our Instagram this month so if you’re a pink lover you won’t want to miss it! 1) Cake and Love This adorable duo Designed by 2LG Studio for Maitland & Poate are the pastel pink tiles of … Continue reading 20 tiles to make your Barbie Dreamhouse a reality

Cyberspace Curiosities XII

1) Elements Giving shimmering seas and cloudy, Elements 1 Nuvole Elements 2 Acqua designed by Seletti for Ceramica Bardelli create a designer dreamscape to tantalise and excite. 2) Mosaic Tiles Glass Button Petrol Transform you swimming pool, kitchen, or bathroom with these mystical glass mosaics from Mosafil. In shades of gold, bronze, and aqua, these stunning circles glisten with iridescence, with subtle ridges adding a … Continue reading Cyberspace Curiosities XII

Faces of the world

A little street art surprise today with the fabulous, multifaceted sculptural installations by Tegmo. Like fellow French artist Shatters, splintered mirrors are Tegmo’s medium of choice, encouraging the inclusion of surrounding locales within each piece. These fractured, angular shards of mirror are attached and structured in unusual three dimensional forms, creating reflective mountains that stand alone, are decorated with plants, or spread their shiny surfaces … Continue reading Faces of the world

Royce Wood Studio

Located in the picturesque Derbyshire countryside neighbouring the rolling hills of the Peak District and in the hamlet of Toadhole Furnace, the Wheelhouse of Amber Mill is home to the studio and showroom of the glaze extraordinaires of Royce Wood Studio. Since 1997 Peter Wood and his team have been wholly focused on ceramic tile and glaze production, creating a large number of unique reactive … Continue reading Royce Wood Studio

Five facades clad in innovative materials

Ever wondered what it would look like if you coated a building in ice-cream tubs? Or bucket lids? Or haven’t wondered about it but now that I’ve mentioned it you’re interested to see it? Well you’re in luck! Because today it’s about about curious cladding. 1) Ice-Cream Tubs – The Microlibrary Bima Designed as a reading facility and creative community space, The Microlibrary Bima is … Continue reading Five facades clad in innovative materials

Bits & Pieces

The pebblish trend continues beyond Cevisama with this wonderful little collection by Gordon Guillaumier for Ceramiche Piemme. Evoking the timeless beauty of Ancient Rome, Bits & Pieces reimagines natural stone in seven colours (Power Bone, Pewter Smoke, Pearl Grey, Peat Brown, Pitch Black, Steel Grain, and Ash Grain) with two unusual decors (Facet and Quad). Facet takes a fragmented approach to surface covering, contrasting two … Continue reading Bits & Pieces

Magical Music Hall

Adding onto the former civil guard quarters that had sat unused since the 80s, a 2011 project by Cor & Asociados created an extension in the small village of Algueña that promises magic on the outside and music within. With a fixed budget of 562,800€ and a deeply involved community, the renovation of the existing building and creation of a new annex had to be … Continue reading Magical Music Hall

Six tiles full of Wes Anderson style

Symmetry, nostalgia, and highly saturated, emotive colours typify the cinematic world of Wes Anderson. Each scene tells a story and every setting sells us a sense of regimented chaos, as equally distant as it is close to reality. It’s an aesthetic many love, and with his new film Asteroid City released this month we thought it would be a bit of fun to find some … Continue reading Six tiles full of Wes Anderson style

Studio Kulilk

We’re all for tile as art, whether it’s grouted in or hung with a hook and at Studio Kulilk it looks like they feel the same way. Founded in 2018 by Zozan Kotan and her partner Onur, Studio Kulilk’s colourful soul is a one-stop shop for tantalising tile art. Offering up art tiles in framed sets of four, these ceramics decors feature scenes of London … Continue reading Studio Kulilk

Charming Charcoal

Black, scratched charcoal graphics form the fabulous decors of Ceramica Fioranese‘s Riggiole collection. Designed with a hand-crafted look, the patterns feature irregularities and imperfections in their shade and shape, adding an organic feel to interiors and a touch of the old world. The decorative motifs have been created with both repeat patterns and patchwork mixing in mind, and offering up a dual sense of tradition … Continue reading Charming Charcoal

Five tile trends that have aided the 70s revival

The 70s are everywhere – in fashion, homes, shops, and trend reports. We’re bringing back flares, conversation pits, pampas grass, and mullets, and the tile world is following suit. Here are the five trends that have driven the 70s revival in the ceramics sphere. 1) Terracotta The colour, the texture, the finish, despite its timelessness and worldly charm terracotta has a rich 70s soul. Its … Continue reading Five tile trends that have aided the 70s revival

Ylenia Roma

Layers, texture, and an intense blend of reality and fantasy characterise today’s mosaic artist Ravenna-based Ylenia Roma. Using found materials as diverse as seashells and pine cone scales, and well as the more traditional bricks, stone, and tile Roma’s brings images of wildlife vibrantly to life. Feathers, fur, and whiskers are laid with intricate detail whilst varied relief adds dimension. Her portraits of people are … Continue reading Ylenia Roma

A rainforest and a few wildflower meadows

In collaboration with Ca’Pietra, London-based homeware designer Clarissa Hulse has created a number of delightful tile designs. Taking notes from nature and making motifs from the shapes and silhouettes of wildflowers, leaves, and jungle foliage, Hulse’s collections are dainty, delicate, and charmingly colourful. Wild Botanical features cleavers, Queen Anne’s Lace, ivy, and a whole lot more in light shades of Pink, deep Blue, and sagey … Continue reading A rainforest and a few wildflower meadows