Orange Tiled Bohemian Kitchen

Trend inspo: Colourful Kitchens

In our 2022 trends series colourful kitchens got a shout-out. Playfully incorporating bright oranges, reds, and pinks, and mixing and matching bolder shades with calmer colours is set to be big for the year, so we’ve got some kitchen inspo for you! 1) Pink and Teal In this kitchen found on House Beautiful, cheerful pink cabinets are paired with patterned tiles in teal. A few … Continue reading Trend inspo: Colourful Kitchens

Mar’s Memories of Majolica

Paying homage to the classic look of Mediterranean majolica is Sartoria‘s MAR. Designed to look like recovered, ancient pieces, MAR’s muted palette and subtle details hint towards a former life with scuffs and scratches and signs of age and wear. Along with the marks of a pre-loved surface, MAR’s decorative elements have hallmark features of artisan craft. Irregularities and hints at a hand-painted design adds … Continue reading Mar’s Memories of Majolica

Tantalising Tbrick

The classic metro tile is given a refreshingly colourful makeover with Sartoria‘s new Tbrick tiles. With incredible vibrancy, Tbrick brings style forward, offering and undeniable burst of beauty to every conceivable interior. The stunning gloss finish highlights the artisanal, handcrafted look of the tile surface whilst the twelve carefully chosen shades offer variety and subtelty amongst their tones. Each colour, be it blue, pink, green, … Continue reading Tantalising Tbrick

Abstracted Nature from Sartoria

Delightful abstract patterns help distinguish this unique tile range from Sartoria. A retro colour palette that features browns, blues, and greens, as well as a selection of rainbow mixes. The range is designed to inspire and make use of small formats, demonstrating the powerful use of colour and decoration that can be achieved. With four distinct pattern families, abstract forms of matter are explored. Genesi’s … Continue reading Abstracted Nature from Sartoria

Trending: Tropical

In August we took a look at the tile world’s tropical offerings and this year at Cersaie company after company were incorporating jungle print into their collections. A large range of interpretations of the theme were presented, some with a focus on bright colourful flora and fauna, some incorporating textures and metallics, and some taking a very subtle approach. Over the next two posts, we … Continue reading Trending: Tropical