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Trend inspo: Bathroom Feature Floors

Finally in our bathroom trend prediciton extension posts we’ve selected the feature floor. With endless possibilities in colour and pattern choice, texture, material, and finish, the feature floor is a fantastic way to add personality that doesn’t overwhelm a space.

1. Black Lily Pad

Simple yet striking, black and white lily pad tiles pack a punch and go with practically anything. In the bathroom below they are paired with earthy greens, plenty of plants, and monotone features. Various iterations of this style can be found all over such as Lily Pad Porcelain Off Black from Artisans of Devizes (UK), Cement Radar Black Hex from Clé Tile (USA), and Meraki Negro from Bestile (Europe).

2. Encaustic Green

The soft surface of encaustic tiles, earthy green shades, and a unique, enticing pattern is a perfect choice for a bathroom feature floor. The below tiles are Penacho Tortuga from Clay Imports (USA), though Formantera Fennel from Bert & May (UK) and Jade Star from Jatana Interiors (Australia) are equally fabulous.

3. Geometric Blue

Stright lines, patchwork patterns, and many shades of blue makes for a calming space with a twist. Bellow are Cement Criss Cross Federal Blue, Nautical Blue, and Kelly Square from Clé Tile (USA), though a similar style can be found in Blue Cubist from Bert & May (UK) and Split from Zia Tile (USA).

4. Mixed-up Monochrome

Black and white floors don’t have to be dull. Find an interesting pattern, make it a feature and add colour on the walls. The bathroom floor below uses Los Feliz from Zia Tile (USA), though Erica Tanov Cement Jacobsen Plaster and Black Square from Clé Tile (USA) and Chicago from Fireclay Tile (USA) are just as interesting.

5. Colours of Christmas

Add some festivity to an otherwise classically coloured bathroom with a splash of red and green on the floor. Find Christmassy colours with Handmade Reclaimed Arpon from Maitland & Poate (UK), Nieve Reclaimed Tile from Bert & May (UK), and Olive Royal from Jatana Interiors (Australia).

We’ll be back with part two after Christmas!

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, December 2021.

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