Tantalising Tbrick

The classic metro tile is given a refreshingly colourful makeover with Sartoria‘s new Tbrick tiles. With incredible vibrancy, Tbrick brings style forward, offering and undeniable burst of beauty to every conceivable interior.

Tbrick Navy
Tbrick Apricot

The stunning gloss finish highlights the artisanal, handcrafted look of the tile surface whilst the twelve carefully chosen shades offer variety and subtelty amongst their tones. Each colour, be it blue, pink, green, or grey has both warm and cold nuances, ensuring freedom to combine with all forms of interiors and styles.

Tbrick Coconut

The palette is subtle in its variety with three neutrals (Coconut, Sepia, and Seashell) skirting along shades of white with varying hints of beige and yellow, two pinks (Apricot and Pink Panther) with distinct personalities, two blues (Cerulean and Navy) which offer a contrast between depth and subtlety, two greens (Eucalyptus and Aquamarine) which both focus on soft tones, with Aquamarine leaning closer to pastel, and finally three shades (Shark, Petroleum, and Rain) which take hints of green, blue, and grey to create very visually appealing variety.

Tbrick Aquamarine
Tbrick Pink Panther

Each white body wall tile is 52 by 160mm, easily lending itself to a huge range of layout options, combinations, and trends. The delicate size offers elegance whilst the chosen shades create a plethora of personalities, functioning both as throw back retro pieces, and perfect modern accents.

Tbrick Seashell, Navy, Petroleum, and Apricot

Although the shade variety and artisanal appeal is enough to create a showstopping space in and of itself, the airy neutrals are also the perfect friend to the playful tones, ideal for spectacular speckled looks and imaginative patterns.


A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, March 2021.

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