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Modular Modelling

BlobHertz installation

One of the trends seen at tile and stone shows around the years for some time know has been the use of precisely-modelled modular pieces, in a variety of materials, that are able to convert R&D projects into unique 3D surfaces.  The following is a selection of creative designs that have taken this idea forward in many strange ways, and which were rewarded for their ingenuity by receiving the prestigious A’Design Award.

The A’Design Award and Competition is for designers, innovators and companies that want to highlight themselves to attract the attention of media, publishers and buyers.  It works!

BlobHertz by Roberto Maurizio Paura

BlobHertz by Roberto Maurizio Paura

A mathematical approach to three-dimensional surfaces sees designers produce wall tiles that create irregular patterns for walls. BlobHertz Coating by Roberto Maurizio Paura is an award-winning product that translates sound waves into textures.

As a child Paura used to play with cornstarch mixed with water and was fascinated by the properties of the fluid.  Growing up he discovered that it was a non-Newtonian fluid, which viscosity varies depending on the shear stress that is applied. This characteristic can be exploited by subjecting the fluid to sound waves to record the surface deformations that are created. BlobHertz was born from this experiment.

BlobHertz is an extremely customisable product.  The material used, its index of transparency, the refraction of light and the kind of soundtrack to which the fluid is subjected, all lead to a product with unique features.  It is best thought of as a wall covering for music lovers who not only want to listen to, but also touch, the sounds they love.

The idea is to decorate a wall with the key parts of a soundtrack made of a material chosen by the customers. What’s more, by using a 3D printer it is possible to create an empty module that can be illuminated from inside.  Visit behance.net/RobertoPaura.

Polee by Elnur Babyev
Polee by Elnur Babyev

Polee by Elnur Babyev

Polee is a polygonal design for interior wall tiling.  Different from standard tiling shapes, it has triangular endings that fit with its polygonal design and hide/minimize the tiling lines/borders. The shape can be used with any material in accordance with any interior elements/design. Visit elnurbabayev.com.

Fernanda Marques
Concrete components by Fernanda Marques

Concrete concept by Fernanda Marques

The basic angular concrete components created by Fernanda Marques Architecture and Design Studio can be fitted together in numerous ways to offer highly creative custom creations. Visit fernandamarques.com.br.

Luminaire by Inarchi
Luminaire by Inarchi

Luminaire by Inarchi

A 2D object in a 3D space: Inarchi’s three-pointed sculptural wall lamp is backlit with LEDs.  Lighting manufacturer Inarchi has won The Red Dot Award 2016 for lighting design with its latest interior wall luminaire. Exploring the illusion of space the hexagonal design is made of white-coated steel while the LEDs on the inner side use the wall to reflect light into the room. The contrast of light and shadow creates a sculptural appearance playing with the perception of the room and adding depth. The design can be arranged as a single lamp or in a group, with its three-pointed shape allowing for a variety of a striking composition and unique arrangements.  Visit inarchi.com.

Detail: Luminaer Design
Detail: Legionaer Design

Embriodered carbon by Legionaer Design

Legionaer Design have succeeded, as the first enterprise worldwide, to intertwine metal yarns into carbon fibre fabric. Leading the way in the premium segment of fibre composite technology Legionaer develops the ultimate stylish surface refinement, with excellent mechanical features. Carbon is a robust and light material, which is enhanced in this design by metal thread embroidered into the surface. Suitable for interior products this embellished material comes to life when light hits the surface creating the ultimate shine and textural depth.  Visit legionaer.com.

Samples: Kate Gillies
Surface design samples: Kate Gillies

Surface design by Katie Gillies

Inspired by Modernist architecture of the 20th and 21st century Katie Gillies focuses on form and structure to inspire her contemporary surfaces. Combining new materials and modern technology she sets out to make material innovations that are process driven.

Exploring simplicity, clarity, order and truth these four chapters inform the layers of her designs, with techniques such as sanding and shot blasting defining the shapes and patterns.

Working mainly with Jesmonite and its various types Gillies mixes in other compounds, materials and pigments to create bespoke surfaces for interiors and products.  Visit katiegillies.com.

Outdoor lighting by SIMES

SIMES have collaborated with two designers to create comforting outdoor solutions that fuse light and architecture in a natural way.

Ghost by SIMES
Ghost by Marc Sadler for SIMES

Striving to create emotions for architecture, Ghost is an accent light for concrete façades designed by Marc Sadler. The light blade is installed into a recess in the concrete that disguises the light source and makes it invisible when switched off.

Look Wood by SIMES
Look Wood by Matteo Thun for SIMES

Look Wood is a LED outdoor lighting device that achieves a glare-free illumination of a building’s surroundings. Using teak for warmth and the minimalist lines of aluminium, this compact luminaire, by Italian designer Matteo Thun, casts a soft light.  Visit simes.com.

A new post by Joe Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, March 2017.

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