Raimondi's new Roboslab

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Raimondi's new Roboslab
Raimondi’s new Roboslab

It is one thing for tile manufacturers to produce mega-format gauged ceramic panels up to 4.8m by 2.4m in size.  It is quite another matter for tiling contractors to handle these monsters safely and securely on site, without damaging the tiles or doing themselves a serious injury.  Now Raimondi has come up with an answer.  The Roboslab system allows users to lift (from a case/pallet or an A-frame) panels of any size and up to 200 Kg in weight; and then position them accurately, on both floors and walls, prior to final installation.

Raimondi's new Roboslab
Raimondi’s new Roboslab

Roboslab is an hydraulically-operated mobile lifter, designed to improve efficiency and productivity of tile fixers, as well as reducing daily fatigue. It can also move tiles that are simply too large or too heavy to be handled manually. It should also help to speed up the installation of panels which are currently laid manually.

Raimondi's new Roboslab
Raimondi’s new Roboslab

Any type or size of ceramic slab can be safely installed in both transverse and longitudinal positions. For wall installations, Roboslab is capable on achieving the third tier of a 1,500mm (4.9 ft.) wide slab laid horizontally, with the long side of the tile parallel to the floor, and the forth tier of 1,000mm (3.2 ft.) wide slab.

Raimondi's new Roboslab
Raimondi’s new Roboslab

The boom frame attachment is equipped with six large 300mm vacuum suction cups, that can be individually positioned to suit any slab size, or any shape after cut outs. The suction cups are spring-mounted to simplify slab collection and release.

Raimondi's T-Move
Raimondi’s T-Move (An alternative so9lution)

A control unit drives the boom (up/down) as well as tilting the frame attachment from horizontal to vertical (or vice versa). This facilitates back-buttering and installation on either walls or floors. The control unit is removable to allow the tile setter to operate the machine when standing next to the slab, which means they can carefully observe every movement during positioning. The frame attachment can also slide 100mm (4”) sideways on ball bearings to accurately position the slab before dropping it on thin set adhesive.

Raimondi's Roboslab
Raimondi’s Roboslab

Once the slab has been collected either from a flat crate or from an A-frame, the boom frame attachment is capable to rotate horizontally: this is to position the slab sideways and transport it in a safe position. This is vital when restricted access, such as door frames, have to be negotiated on site.

The introduction of T-Move and Roboslab underlines Raimondi’s on-going commitment to supporting tile contractors with the installation challenges posed by large format tiles and slabs which are becoming ever more popular.  I’m looking forward to seeing Roboslab in action at Cevisama next week!


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