Bespoke, Beautiful, and Balinese

Hotel Group PTT (Potato Head) Family’s first Bali Hotel opened in April 2016, just steps away from their Potato Head Beach Club, and functions as both stylish accommodation and cultural display.  The lovely Katamama is heralded as “a hotel made by artisans” and displays a whole range of hand-made Indonesian details.  The interior decorations of each suite are individually selected to create unique and inviting spaces that reflect the traditions and talents of Indonesian craftsmen.

Katamama interior
Katamama interior

The hotel’s exterior is occupied almost entirely by over 1.5 million hand-made bricks. The angular structure, designed by Indonesian architect Andra Matin, looks highly modern; while the multi-tonal Balinese bricks give a warm, earthy, almost volcanic appearance to the building.  They continue seamlessly into the interior spaces, minimising the need for wall-based décor.

Katamama exterior

Katamama exterior
Katamama exterior

Terrazzo is featured throughout, but most prominently in the hotel’s lobby bar Akademi, contrasting against the brick for more of an ocean feel.  It makes up the thick, solid table tops and complementary stools, as well as the flooring and built in shelving units. The room is tied together by ceiling tiles in various shades of blue.

Katamama's Akademi interior
Katamama’s Akademi interior

The decorations chosen further exemplify the work of Indonesian artisans.  From the art pieces, custom furnishings, even to the coffee, everything works together like a love-song to the Balinese, who believe life is art and that everything should centre around craft.

Katamama suite

Katamama suite

The Potato Head Family aren’t only interested in displaying the many talents that surround the hotel, but also to serve as a benchmark for sustainability.  Their following hotel project takes this a step further, using materials made from recycled community waste and utilising solar panels.

Read more on Katamama and the PTT Family at:

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