Ape Grupo coloured ombre tile cersaie 2019

Cersaie Curiosities II

Our previous article on Cersaie‘s curiosities barely scratched the surface of all the design delights from the show. Today we have a selection of four more companies who have created a little something to talk about. This piece by Ceramica Sant’Agostino has a slight 70s flair and an interesting format (250mm by 750mm) that draws the eye away from the grout lines to create the appearance of a cohesive wallpaper. The combination of classic primary colours in muted tones adds to the 70s aesthetic whilst the subtle texture featured on the pattern provides a touch more intrigue and further detail.


Cerasarda provided a touch of whimsy with their marine life theme. Their Decoro Pesce caught the eye with its fun, cartoonish fish imagery and these earthy orange and textured glossy tiles have an almost retro feel. A similar style can also be found in the decors of their Trasparenza Marine collection.

whimsical fish decor tiles cersaie 2019
Decoro Pesci (200x200mm)

Something entirely different was found with Bloom from Del Conca. This heavily zoomed in marble-look style was seen at a few different stands, but the most eye-catching of all was Bloom. The large fractured greyscale pattern has such a presence that it is almost colourful and the slab size ensures the design is a real focal point.

Del Conca Bloom cersaie 2019 large format zoomed in marble
Boutique Bloom

We previously covered the jungle-themed tiles of Ape Grupo‘s Silk collection, but one of Tile Addict’s favourite pieces from the entire show was their bright and colourful decors Maysa Multi I and II. These textured tiles have the appearance of woven fabric, and their lively colours melt into one another creating a softness. Each piece features a different selection of colours, focusing on either warm pinks and oranges, or cooler blues and greens. However, they are designed in a way that enables an endless flow of vibrant colour.

Ape Grupo coloured ombre tile cersaie 2019
Decor Maysa Multi I & II (400x1200mm)

Ceramica Sant’Agostino
Del Conca
Ape Grupo

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