Fusing fashion and function

Recer‘s portfolio of floor and wall tiles has been developed to offer suitable solutions for interior or exterior applications in residential, public, and leisure areas.  This Portuguese manufacturer’s products are designed to meet the specific technical characteristics required for each application while conforming to specific national norms.  Recer’s ethos is to provide a range of designs, formats, colours, and textures that offer an optimal tile solution for any specification or application. 

Pukka Beige and Way Concrete by Recer
Pukka Beige in 450 by 900mm rectified and Way Concrete in 450 by 450mm by Recer

The portfolio has recently been enhanced by a carefully selected set of new designs.  Leading the way is Soul; a classic recreation of the purity of concrete in a rectangular 150 by 300mm brick-format.   A contemporary take on an historic material, Soul can be used to fashion environments full of personality, that leave their mark and stand the test of time.

Soul Black and Soul Mix Night by Recer
Soul Black and Soul Mix Night in 150 by 300mm by Recer

Featuring colours that are contemporary and neutral, the New Neutrals range spans relief with volumetric pieces, includes dégradé effects, and works the highly appealing aged appearance.  By exploring the interesting relationship between past and present, New Neutrals deliver environments with a powerful narrative.

New Neutrals by Recer
New Neutrals Coral in 150 by 300mm by Recer

A collection of ceramic floor and wall tiles inspired by glaciers: Ice is a pure, simple and minimal range.  The floor tiles feature a background of white, with light glossy touches that are available in beige, grey, and black.  The wall tiles feature really appealing matt colours that emphasise the hints of gloss in the floor tiles.  They also have a gentle relief that replicates the face icebergs.

Ice Plain and 3D by Recer
Ice Plain and 3D Night Grey in 300 by 900mm rectified by Recer

The Pukka series (see top) sets a realistic and striking stone. It is available in four formats: 150 by 300, 300 by 600, 450 by 450, and 450 by 900mm rectified.  The heightened shading and the finish are emphasised in the tones of white, beige, and anthracite.

Way Concrete by Recer
Way Concrete in 600 by 600 and 100 by 600mm by Recer

Finally, the new Way range combined the aesthetics of rough cement with the practical advantages of ceramic tiles.  It is rugged, waterproof, and easy to care for, which makes it perfect for homes and high-traffic commercial and public areas, both indoors and outdoors.  The porcelain floor tiles come in 600 by 1,200mm, 200 by 1,200mm, 600 by 600mm, 300 by 600mm, 450 by 450mm, 200 by 600mm, and 100 by 600mm rectified formats, and 600 by 600mm, 450 by 450mm, 330 by 300mm non-rectified formats.  The wall tiles come in 300 by 600mm rectified, and 300 by 600mm and 250 by 400mm non-rectified.


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