Mosaics make more

We have the fantastic pleasure of saying goodbye to the year with an incredible artist. Working under the moniker of Plain Jane Design, Boulder-based Jane Glotzer is taking mosaic mastery to another level.

“Buried Treasure VI: Ammonite Black” by mosaic artist Jane Glotzer

It’s not your standard floor, path, or plant pot getting the mosaic treatment, instead it’s a whole host of unsual, unloved items from rusty shovels to fiddles. Using wasted materials to both cover and be covered, Glotzer produces incredible things of beauty that benefit the world, not only because of their looks, but because of their recycled nature.

Hubcap by mosaic artist Jane Glotzer.

The one-of-a-kind pieces are simply magical, looking as though they have been discovered from a long-lost civilisation, or otherworldy culture. After being a teacher for many years, and a creator for much longer, Glotzer found a new calling, a mission “to come up with something to do with the tons of perfectly good materials, like ceramic and glass tile and beautiful expensive fabric samples that were simply being thrown in the trash.”

“Buried Treasure VII: Cinnabar Red” by mosaic artist Jane Glotzer.

For those in Boulder, Glotzer’s work is being featured at Pearl Street’s R Gallery,  2027 Broadway, up until December 13th.

Read more about Jane Glotzer here.

Plain Jane Design

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  1. Hi Hanna–
    Thanks so much for this lovely review of my work… I appreciate the shout out and links. Wondering how you found me…would love to have been contacted. Thanks again! Jane

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