Five companies to keep an eye on

Here at Diary of a Tile Addict we love to share the work of some of the smaller companies. Not only does it give us a chance to explore something new but as most of these companies don’t exhibit at shows such as Coverings or Cersaie their exposure can be criminally limited. In this series we’ll be compiling a list of the tile companies that you should keep an eye on.


1. Smoke and Fire

Featured amongst our favourite tile companies, Smoke and Fire is one of those unique finds that delights over and over again. Specialising in artisanal creations and playing with glaze and shape, founder Mark Aldridge and his dedicated team produce a distinctive selection of tiles that are both highly unique and expertly crafted.

Birds in Trees Charcoal Smoke and Fire Tiles
Birds in Trees Charcoal

2. Koyo Ibushi [Koyo Seiga]

Established in 1923, this Japanese company specialises in traditional Ibushi Kawara tiles for use in cultural landmarks, temples, shrines, and buildings, as well as producing them for a domestic market. To create the characteristic metallic sheen of the tiles, local clay from the Himeji region is first oxidation fired and then reduction smoked in a Koyo kiln. They offer a total of eight styles/shapes including a classic square, rectangle, textured 3D elements, and a lightweight organic-look style Momo.

Kasuri Flat Wall Tile (137.5mm by 137.5mm by 9mm) Koyo Ibushi Ibushi Kawara clay tiles
Kasuri Flat Wall Tile (137.5mm by 137.5mm by 9mm)

3. Glithero

Although not strictly a tile company, this design duo (Tim Simpson and Sarah van Gameren) do produce a unique set of tiles alongside their other, varied design work. Glithero‘s Botanical Tiles feature the silhouttes of London weed specimens and are produced using 400 year old traditional Dutch tile cutting and tin glazing techniques. The beautiful works read almost as murals, and draw incredible levels of detail and delight from something so common and mundane.

4. Karak

Another company to feature in our favourite companies list, Karak‘s gift with glaze and desire to reignite raku makes them one to follow. With a set of go-to glazes and designs, their standard tile range is lovely enough, but their ability to transform the imagination of their clients into gorgeous reality adds dizzying heights to their mastery.

5. Tiles of Ezra

Founded by interior designer Georgia Ezra, Australian company Tiles of Ezra brings together a raft of references from around the globe including beautiful Moroccan zellige, handmade Italian terrazzo style tiles, and earthy Mexican Saltillo.

Thin Snow Bejmat

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