41zero42 wallpaper cersaie 2019 tile

Cersaie Curiosities

We have covered many of the main trends and styles that caught Tile Addict’s eye at Cersaie, but there were many, many more special and intruguing works that have not yet received a mention. Firstly, this range from leftfield by Novoceram – Kawaii. A Japanese inspired collection of cartoon decor tiles featuring Kawaii characters was definitely an unexpected find. This bright and lively ceramic wallpaper may not be for everyone but it is most certainly one of the most individual finds from this year.

Novoceramic Kawaii ceramic wallpaper japanese tile
Kawaii (800x800mm)

One collection from the 41Zero42 stand certainly deserves a mention in this list of Cersaie curiosities. The Paper41Lux range offers photorealistic images on large format slabs, including pictures of vases and flora. The concept behind the designs was to produce a flexible, thin format selection of tiles that represent and reproduce themes with a mysterious quality.

41zero42 wallpaper cersaie 2019 tile
Wall Paper41Lux Marco (600x1200mm)
41zero42 wallpaper cersaie 2019 tile
Wall Paper41Lux Cristoforo (600x1200mm)

Veneto Ceramicas had a lot to offer the Tile Addict, and some of those collections have already been covered. However, this tile range in particular was particularly curious. Duero is a selection of pre-cracked tiles. The collection features predominantly traditional looking blue and white patterned tiles with a plain white option, within which is a series of deliberate cracks for a true worn look. Although a cracked tile is often what one seeks to avoid, embracing the aesthetics both on plain white tiles, and on the mix and match of the patterned pieces, turns the cracks into something one can enjoy.

cracked look tiles cersaie 2019 duero veneto
Duero (592×592)

One large tile was extremely hard to miss. Autumn Decor from Apavisa takes the large slab theme and turns it into art. Their Slabs Decor range has many additional delights, but it was Autumn Decor in particular that evoked something special. The combined imagery of the sketched, thin tree trunks and the colourful water colour blooms offer a hint of foliage and an autumnal essence. They are an extremely striking slab design that gives an immediate atmosphere to interiors.

Apavisa autumn decor large tile slab xcersaie 2019
Autumn Decor (1200×2600)

Veneto Ceramicas

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