Kintsugi Collection

We’re big fans of kintsugi – the famous Japanese art of reclaiming the beauty of the broken by highlighting cracks and repairs in gold – not only for its lovely looks, but for the way it encourages the process of mending (especially in ceramics) and emphasises the charm of the imperfect.

Kintusgi Hibi Storm

We’ve previously covered one company’s rendition of golden repair (Wow Design’s Kintsugi) and today we have another. Ceramica Fioranese‘s Kintsugi collection brings the process to larger scale slabs, with tiles sized 604 by 604mm and 604 to 1,208mm.

Kintsugi Hibi Fog
Kintusgi Hibi Darkness

The four neutral tones in variations of grey (Moonlight, Fog, Storm, and Darkness) with a soft concrete feel allow the textured gold veins to pop. The royal metallic tone and bold gloss ripples throughout the Hibi tiles, giving the sense of prior fractures repaired with care and consideration.

Kintusgi Hibi Fog
Kintsugi Japan Hibi Storm

Adding an extra layer to the faux fixed flooring, patterned patchwork segments are worked through the Japan-Hibi decors. Bursts of blue, red, black, and white in repetitive motifs are woven throughout the slabs systematically. This highly effective, novel take on mix and match is right up our street; giving a little bit not going overboard.

Ceramica Fioranese

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