Four Tremendous Tactile Textures

The textures of tile come in many shapes, sizes, depths, and designs, some made by machine, some by hand, and some by chance and fire. No matter how the texture is made, it’s almost impossible to do anything but love it and want to touch it. To celebrate these varied reliefs we’ve gathered a small sample of diverse textured delights from all around the tiling world.

1. Maija Puoskari

Although a desinger or may things, the rippled, nature-inspired Kuusi tiles, the geometric Sula and Kulmio tiles, and the distinct Valkea tiles created for Tulikivi demonstrate the breadth of style to be found when playing only with relief.

2. Graphic Relief

This London based surface design company create wholly unique, intricately textured artworks and surfaces for a range of purposes. Utilising many styles, images, and materials from concrete to glass, each piece is distinct and crafted with care.

3. Rachel Dein

There are many gifted artists that utilise this style, but for us the first to introduce us to the beauty of cast plant tiles was Rachel Dein. Using freshly cut wildflowers, leaves, and vegetables, incredible detail is preserved with a painstaking method and endless patience. The results are breathtaking.

4. Inge Bečka and Mariëtte Wolbert

The Ridge Collection by Inge Bečka and Mariëtte Wolbert combines their differing talents with porcelain and textiles. Creating a range of decorative objects and (of course) beautiful tiles, rippled fabric-like textures adorn the surface, with regal metallic glazes from Koninklijke Tichelaar emphasising the shapes.

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, June 2021.

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