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Makers of unique, unglazed ceramic art pieces and homeware, Made OF Australia prefers a slow burn over rapid fire. Fighting fast fashions, waste, and a synthetic sense of beauty, their plates, bowls, cups, and even jewellery are thoughtfully made and one-of-a-kind.

Using their signature Saggar Firing method, delibrate, irregular, and organic marks are made on the ceramics. At Made OF Australia repurposed paint tins form the ‘saggars’ into which various indigenous Australian organic waste materials & native Australian flora are plasced alongside the ceramics.

Some of these materials include eucalyptus leaves, macadamia nut shells, emu and crocodile eggshells, magpie goose and other native bird feathers, and discarded skins from reptiles and arachnids.

When sealed inside the saggars and fired at temperatures nearing 1000°C, the various materials are transformed from solid to gas, releasing the naturally occuring oxides & minerals found within them. Made OF Australia further describes the process

“When starved of oxygen & unable to escape into the atmosphere, these opportunistic vapours instead seek air from deep within the clay, permeating the surface, creating a spontaneous & unrepeatable transference of colour, pattern & texture. With thoughtful material choices & well considered placement, along with controlled atmospheric conditions inside the kiln & saggars, we can create deliberate, often striking markings on the surface of our unglazed wares, without the need for adding synthetic chemicals or commercial glazes to our process.”

And now they’ve put their creative minds to tiles. Textured wonders and umatched smokey surfaces feature in all their fabulous glory, with a look similar to natural rock the iconic metallic sheen and puffs of magic set them apart with ease. We can’t wait to see more.

Read more about their ethos and process.
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