Spotted: Every other Colour of the Year

For this year’s outliers it’s a mixed bag of interior design favourites and design rarities. We’ve searched high and low for an example of each and done our best to locate matching tiles. For more Colour of the Year interior inspo head over to our Instagram where we’ve been sharing even more COTY content!

Classic Zellige

Behr’s calm colour choice is a favourite of many. Pair white tones with marble, cream, bold colours, pastels, and earth tones, and it’ll look good. The many shades in these zellige tiles from Tiles of Ezra are the perfect dupe for Blank Slate.

Stripe Check

In this bold bathroom full of warm, inviting colours, the rich orange and white floor offers an intense base for sunny shades to spread. Fireclay Tile‘s Koi colour offers up the fun of Backdrop‘s Colour of the Year in long strips of pigment.

Pastel Check

Although this patterned wall is technically painted on, that shouldn’t stop you from creating your own delightfully Digital Lavender feature with these incredible tiles from Tajimi Custom Tiles.

Floral Wallpaper

The hardest colour to find amongst interiors has been Pantone’s Viva Magenta. The intensity of the deep pinky purple tone is not for everyone, but in this ceramic wallpaper from 41zero42, the vibrant pops work just as well.

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