Five new tile ranges that prove modern design is all about functional nature

Functional nature is sexier than it sounds. It’s using organic, natural elements at their core, most raw and practical form. It’s decor that takes a back-seat whilst still managing to envelope a space in a sea of design. It’s hardy, it’s durable, and it’ll last through decades of changing tastes. It speaks to our modern desire to revert to simpler times. It takes inspiration from our ethical aspirations to reduce our impact on the world and connect with our surroundings. And it’s elegant, as well as easy to clean. It’s modern design in a nutshell and here are five new collections that show just how lovely it can be.

1) Geo from Keope

Offering up the textural delights and tonal nuances of raw earth, Keope’s Geo range strips tile back to its roots in six warm-toned natural shades (White, Walnut, Ivory, Beige, Silver, and Grey). Subtly varied and dappled, Geo sets the stage for a space full of calm energy and considered design.

2) Strond from Museum Surfaces

A variety of natural stones form the basis of Strond’s three colours (Cloud, Oat, and Dolphin) with each organic pattern featuring strong veining and textured surface for enhanced realism. A number of tile formats alter the intensity of the design with options for statement wallscapes and subtle stepping stones found within the collection.

3) MaxFine Graniti from FMG

Speckled, busy slabs in four contrasting colours (Alaska White, Celeste Aran, Deep Norway, and Labradorite) make up FMG’s volcanic stone inspired collection Maxfine Graniti. The wild, varied designs add potency to a space when used en masse, and refinement when used sparingly.

4) Naturalia from Marazzi

Inspired by the soft surface of sandstone, Marazzi’s Naturalia explores the many possibilites of this organic material with five colours (Beige, Bianco, Cenere, Grigio, and Taupe) as well as five structures, six decors, and a range of mosaics. But at their base level, Naturalia’s colours and textures highlight the wonderful contrast of gentle shading with rough surfaces.

5) Ease/22 from Ricchetti

Finding balance between the heaviness of stone and the airy feel of light surfaces is the aim of Ricchetti’s Ease/22 collection. Four soft, sandy shades (Extrawhite, Sand, Light Grey, and Greige) each with a textural, ribbed counterpart make up the calming, easy range.

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, February 2023.

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