Brothers-in-law Giovanni and Fabio add a breath of fresh air to traditional Italian ceramics in their studio located in the idyllic Amalfi coast town of Vietri sul Mare. Beginning in 2000 with familiar local designs, their style morphed over time to create something new out of the materials and glazes they were familiar with.

These new, decorative pieces, be they plates, coffee cups, vases or tiles have a magnetic appeal. Their wibbly wobbly lines and vibrant colours bring joy and playfulness to each individual creation. The repeat spiral motif found throughout their designs was specifically chosen as a symbol of life and its many turns and changes.

Hand-painted, personal ceramics occasionally feature relief amongst their many spots and spirals, adding an extra dimension and tactical element to the designs.

Find Sol’Art tiles at their studio in Vietri sul Mare, or online at Stanza Artigiana.

 new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, July 2023.

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