Muting Mycelium

There are many ways mycelium add wonder to our lives – by offering magic to a woodland walks or secretly carrying nutrients throughout our veg gardens, but mycelium have much more to offer beyond the obvious. We’ve already taken a look at compostable packaging made of the mushroom root structures, and geometrically informed designs using building blocks made from mycelium, and today we add a third creation to the list.

Working with mushroom packaging manufacturers Magical Mushroom Company, acoustic product design company AllSfär have produced a series of acoustic wall panels made from mycelium.

With their tagline creating calm AllSfär’s acoustic tiles are created to manage interior noise pollution and improve the conditions of work environments, public spaces, and hospitality buildings. Their mycelium panels FIKA offer these benefits whilst also being fully biodegradable, British made, and VOC free.

The FIKA range comes in three dynamic designs including two geometric patterns (Dart and Penta) and one with curves that can be arranged into various layouts. The panels are available in 12 colours are are created to be as decorative as they are functional.

Magical Mushroom Company

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