Grab some goggles to go to Gavello

Dive into a world of blue at the Gavello jewellery store in Mykonos. Like swimming through the deep end of a pool, the interior of this shop is topped and tailed in aqua tiles, lit from above with strip lights and across the walls by circular pool lights, and decorated with a few details from the piscina.

Half of a pool ladder descends from the ceiling whilst glass cases fitted with blue terrazzo pegs display the necklaces giving an aquarium-esque feeling amongst pockets of the pool tiles.

Designed by Saint of Athens, the aim was to add a touch of 60s nostalgia to the space whilst ensuring it stands apart from other retailers nearby. Bright red and white beach balls and decorative lockers complete the otherwise minimalist look whilst playing towards the unusual, colourful Gavello creations.

Photography is by Gavriil Papadiotis

Saint of Athens

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