Searching for Sea Moss

A beautiful blue-green taking the world by storm, this gorgeous colour was everywhere at Cevisama. I’ve landed on the name Sea Moss which may be controversial given that as a food sea moss is usually a shade of beige. But it can come in a variety of colours from purple, to green, to the exact shade of teal that’s trending, so I’m sticking with Sea Moss, and here are some of the Sea Moss tiles I found last week.

Realonda‘s Vessel Teal offered up Sea Moss in large format hexagons, subtly textured and decorated with irregular shadow and wear marks. Sea Moss fades in and out throughout with some areas more green, others more blue, and some obscured with grey.

El Molino‘s Sirico Verde offered up a similar dappled effect, opting for a paler palette to swirl amongst the Sea Moss. The gloss finish highlights that bumpy surface and gives a little nod towards Intergalactica.

Sea Moss is found in and amongst Mainzu‘s Alboran tiles with dark scuff marks and surface ripples adding a sense of age. An ultra-light mint green emphasises the blue in the Sea Moss and partners perfectly for a lightly oceanic vibe.

Aparici‘s Corten Graphite is a slightly more intense take on Sea Moss. The bluer tone is pocked with dark pools and regions of beige, creating a more dramatic contrast with a very differet feel.

The flat high-gloss Reef Tiffany from Alttoglass adds a little extra ‘sea’ to Sea Moss. Vibrant shades of blue swirl in and amongst the lighter Sea Moss and darker tones for small tiles with a big impact.

The calm continues with another range from Mainzu – Meraki Green. Contrasting glazes highlight areas of relief and sections where the tiles have been ‘worn’ down to a pale tan.

Finally, these glossy hexagonal tiles from Cerlat round off the many beautiful iterations of Sea Moss. Bali Hex Turquesa has Sea Moss in spades, with oceanic ripples over the surface offering an underwater look that transports you to the beaches of Indonesia.

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