Five companies to keep an eye on IV

By now you know the drill – each month we are sharing five fantastic companies that you might not have heard of, and some of the reasons why you should keep them on your radar.

Crimson Red Zellige from Otto Tiles & Design

1. Sabine Hill

Founded little over ten years ago by Lyndsey and Jeff Glasener, Sabine Hill was born from the desire to create and design. Specialising in cement tile with customisable colourways, they offer a multitude of patterns and styles to suit every need. Most recently their Geology collection caught our eye, with organic swirls in vibrant tones.

2. Burnt Earth Designs

This Zimbabwean company made up of a small group of masterfully talented craftsmen offers a huge amount of decorative artisanal tiles perfect to add instant character and unique charm to interior spaces. Embracing the variety of glaze, bold colour, and 3D relief, the tiles of Burnt Earth Designs are utterly beautiful.

3. Otto Tiles & Design

Otto Tiles & Design gathers the best in Moroccan and Turkish tiles, with an emphasis on bespoke products. Their Zellige and Bejmat tiles cover a range of shades, celebrating the organic textures and crafted look. For intricate decors and softness of design it is their cement collections that shine.

4. Trencadís Innovación

The Spanish trencadis experts at Trencadís Innovación have talent well beyond the years of such a young company. Offering magnificent murals, sweeping spacing, cladding, and works as small as house signs, Trencadís Innovación creates trencadis done right.

5. Marlborough Tiles

Starting in the 1930s, Marlborough Tiles has a long history of ceramic design. Today they focus on handmade, handpainted pieces, with the waving edges of artisanal tiles and the intricate detail of painted objects and scenes reigning supreme.

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