Trend inspo: Flora

Become one with nature with these fabulous flora and foliage themed features.

1) Shades of blue and beige

Warm shades and abstract shapes create a striking focal point in this statement bathroom. Get the look with Timeline Botanical from Del Conca, Caribbean from ABK Wide & Style, or Overtime Foliage from Ceramiche Supergres.

@ceramicsofitaly @ceramicadelconca

2) White and blue

Dainty leaf sketches in blue create a minimalist patchwork with a funky tropical vibe. Get the look with Patch Floripa Azul from Decortiles, Subtle Finespun Decor from Solus Ceramics, or Affiniti Amalfi Fendi Grey from Nanda Tiles.

@decortiles @akemi.arquitetura

3) Chic mural

Add artwork to your shower to create a stunning oasis with oodles of divine detail. Get the look with Vivido from Wall & Deco, Botanical Blue from ABK Wide & Style, or Dream Jungle from Fondovalle.


4) Leaf motif

Keep it simple with shades of green and a scattered leaf pattern to add a little colour and natural energy to the bathroom. Get the look with Jungle from Ceramiche Supergres, Glendurgan Ceramic Fern Olive from Ca’Pietra, or Tropical from ABK Wide & Style.

@ceramicsofitaly @ceramiche.supergres

5) Tropical patchwork

Mix and match tropical foliage and natural colours to create an enticing space full of organic charm. Get the look with Woodland Glade Porcelain Melange from Ca’Pietra, Amazonia from ZYX, or Decor Samui from Mainzu.

@capietra @josieldn @oldhouseourhome @adamcarterphoto

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