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Trend inspo: Colours of the Year 2022

To round off our look at 2022’s Colours of the Year we’re offering up some more tile matches to for a little interior design inspo.

1) October Mist 1495

Benjamin Moore‘s soft sagey green was chosen to ignite self-expression and make way for creativity. In this kitchen from @themisfithouse wall cabinets and cupboards celebrate the shade whilst the tiled backsplash offers a mix of dark olive and subtle green. Get the look with Oak Apple Square from Marlborough Tiles, Salton Sea from Fireclay Tile, or Khaki Green from New Terracotta.


2) Bright Skies

This light, airy choice from Dulux invites freedom, calm, and feel of optimistic opportunity. In the delightful fully tiled sink below, DTile‘s fabulously curved creations in Sky offer understated decor. Similar looks can be found in Celeste Brillo from Mainzu and Sky Blue Encaustic from Otto Tiles & Design.


3) Art and Craft

Dunn-Edwards‘ wonderfully rich and charming Colour of the Year is a homely dusty brown. A similar shade is used in this bathroom by 3Didea where natural shades are mixed with decorative metallics and off whites. Get the look with Curry from Otto Tiles & Design, Sangria from Arto Brick, or Brownstone Zellige from Zia Tile.

4) Lily Lily Rose

Ultra light pinky purple Lily Lily Rose set Earthborn‘s Colour of the Year apart from the rest. In this delicately patterned kitchen with tiles designed by Sarah Sherman Samuel a mix of rose and lilac offers understated personality. Get the look with the Strands collection by Sarah Sherman Samuel for Concrete Collaborative, Zellige Blush from Clay Imports, and Evening Glow from Fireclay Tile.


5) Evergreen Fog

Sherwin-Williams‘ mature grey/green is a down-to-earth shade with wonderful depth. Erin Kestenbaum‘s self-tiled shower makes the most of the rich shade by pairing it with luxurious fixtures and a classic white grout. Get the look with Rosemary from Fireclay Tile, Thin Bejmat Avocado from Tiles of Ezra, or Kelp Forest from Zia Tile.


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