We have a new street artist to share! Despite sharing their incredible artistic gift with the world since 2016, we have only recently come to know the name Ememem. Starting on the streets of Lyon five years ago, this mysterious creator does what many wish they could do – fills in cracks on pavements and roads.

Paris (2020) © @ememem
Stavanger Norway (2018) © @ememem

Unlike famed predecessor Jim Bachor, Ememem focuses more on material than imagery. Intricate, colourful mosaics offer incredible bursts of delight when set against the dull grey of concrete, or the chipped facade of an unloved building.

Lyon (2021) © @ememem
Mural on Sète © @ememem
Dole (2019) © @ememem

The use of tesserae is highly prominent throughout, with multi-layered patterns beaming forth in a variety of environments, each as beautiful as the next. But adding an additional level to the vigilante art is the randomised use of other tiles. Larger squares and patterned pieces ignite the imagination, forcing thoughts of homes and grand buildlings hiding beneath city streets.

LOVE (with Lego) Créteil (2020) © @ememem
© @ememem

The results are truly spectacular, with each work incredibly unique and immensely stunning. I think we may have found our new favourite ceramic grafitti artist.


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