Pieces of Masterpieces

Potholes meet some of art’s most iconic images in the most recent series of vigilante mosaicking from Tile Addict favourite Jim Bachor. Master Pieces, both in name and in nature, features fragments from Van Gogh, Warhol, Grant Wood, and Edward Hopper decorating a few lucky patches of tarmac around Chicago

Van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles was the first recreation, and has been sitting proudly on the street since June with the wobbly bed and contrasting colours expertly depicted in tesserae.

The gaunt bespectacled farmer from Grant Wood’s American Gothic peeps out from Bachor’s second Master Piece whilst the striking blue and yellow face of Mao from Warhol’s series stares knowingly from the third.

For Bachor’s fourth and final installation captures a snippet from Nighthawks with the seated figures illuminated by the yellow walls of the downtown diner. The face of the blonde server fades in from the right. The perfect piece of a masterpiece for a Chicago street.


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