Tiling Thesaurus: E

I’m away on holiday until the 13th February, so I’ll leave you with some tile humour.

Well, it may be humour!

Form of currency used in the Brussels’ edition of Monopoly.

Long legged chickens reared by farmers keen to maximise grant awards from Common Agricultural Policy.

Obsolete term used to describe site foreman’s sense of humour. Standard tiling specification for all building projects with Millennium or Lottery funding.

Tilers method of voting. Standard adjective used to describe warehouse computer system. Chemical invention by pharmaceutical companies to boost sales of soothing ointments.

A currency invented by foreigners and, as far as the UK is concerned, only to be used by foreigners. See Ecu and Emu.

See Distributor.

Expansion Joints:
Rubber strips designed to increase contract value, originally intended to reduce the amount of grout needed when laying floor tiles.

Are you kidding?

With thanks to Dr Grout  AKA Tony Hyde

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