Tiling Thesaurus: G

I’m away on holiday until the 13th February, so I’ll leave you with some tile humour.

Well, it may be humour!

Glass Blocks:
The ideal solution for the customer who can’t find a single tile they like.

Glass Mosaic:
Tiny bits of waste glass rejected by the double glazing trade and therefore sold at ridiculous prices. Held together by brown paper, or strips of old tights, so as to be impossible to put up straight.

Tile topping invented when it was realised that unglazed tiles soaked up more water than a camel crossing the Sahara. Now used to indicate to tilers which side of a tile should be visible once laid.

Hardest substance known to man, therefore impossible to cut and only laid as whole tiles.

With thanks to Dr Grout AKA Tony Hyde

Diary of a Tile Addict January/February 2017

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