Dulux 2022 Bright Skies

Dulux Colour of the Year 2022

Our next 2022 Colour of the Year comes from Dulux who have previously selected the delightful neutral Brave Ground for 2021, and Tranquil Dawn for 2020 (a shade surprisingly similar to Benjamin Moore’s October Mist). But for 2022 the experts at Dulux have selected Bright Skies -an airy blue that works with everything.

Demonstrating the global desire for a fresh start, Bright Skies evokes the freedom of boundless blue, and the tranquility of fresh air. Soft and optimistic, this selected shade offers both familiar comfort, and the lighter side of nature.

Transformative palettes

Like Benjamin Moore, Dulux provides a little extra alongside their Colour of the Year. Four distinct palettes offer up the various vibes Bright Skies can create, ranging from mature to playful. The Greenhouse Colours are a collection of soft earthy shades in varying browns and blues with a hint of teal and beige.

The Greenhouse Colours
The Studio Colours

The Studio Colours offer unusual shades of purple, pops of red terracotta, and calming pastels whilst the Salon Colours are muted neutrals, varying in intensity. The Workshop Colours mix altered primary tones with natural shades and off white.

The Salon Colours
The Workshop Colours


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